Lucile Cowle Swim School, Burbank CA

2018 Swim Season:
May 29 - August 10

(818) 848-8008

Scheduling begins
April 28 at 8am
 by return call.

We are a seasonal swim school offering one-to-one instruction for students of all ages and ability levels. We're open 11 weeks each summer from late-May/early-June through mid-August. Lessons are either 15 or 30 minutes long.  Instruction takes place in 90° pools at our outdoor facility in Burbank, California. Visitors are always welcome during our open hours without appointment.

phone: (818) 848 • 8008
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We have three schedulers working hard to respond to your message as quickly as possible. We typically receive about 400 messages during our first four days of scheduling. Half of these messages are received within the first fifteen minutes of our schedule opening time. All messages are time stamped when we receive them, transcribed, sent to our schedulers, and returned in the order received. Please do not delay our response process by leaving/sending us more than one message. Our initial scheduling rush is April 28 through May 1. We will return calls from 9am to 8pm on these days and add additional days until all messages received during this time have been returned. Status will be updated every two hours or so.

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