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We were established in Burbank in 1963 by Lucile Cowle, the author of Teaching Your Tot to Swim (Vantage Press, 1970 & 2000). Lucile was a pioneer in the field of infant swimming in the early 1960's and was featured in Life magazine and on various talk shows. Lucile's method of instruction is based on imitation, fading kinehstetic motoring, and pairing the basic swimming skills with short repetitive phrases appropriate to each child's developmental level. Because each student is unique, all of our instruction is one-to-one.
     Owners, Steph Nelson and Rob Downs, began teaching swimming in 1972 and taught at the swim school beginning in 1974 and 1977 respectively. We purchased the school in 1983 and sought to maintain Lucile's methods, philosophy, and procedures. Prior to 1983, Steph and Rob ran beginning and competitive swim programs at the Glendale YWCA for several years, served on the Glendale Red Cross Youth Board, and supervised swim activities as Directors on the the Board of the Tri-Valley Special Olympics. Both graduated from the National American Red Cross Aquatics School with certifications as instructor trainers with emphasis on adaptive aquatics. Both have California Teaching and Specialist Credentials and are retired from teaching in the public school system.

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Teaching Your Tot to Swim (Vantage Press) by Lucile Cowle
Life Magazine August 6, 1971 Vol.71 No.6