Lucile Cowle Swim School, Burbank CA
MAKE-UP LESSONS: We book nearly 1,500 sets of lessons every summer and it would be impossible to book these as 15,000 separate lessons. Additionally, we arrange for one particular teacher to cover each set of ten lessons and commit to pay them for the entire set. So when a lesson is missed, your teacher is still paid. As such we do not refund for missed lessons. Additionally, we charge a rescheduling/make-up fee for ALL lessons which are taken to make-up for absences because we incur additional expense for this.
Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are subject to time available on our schedule. Although we will do our best to accommodate you, the make-up lesson may not necessarily be at your same time or with your same teacher.
     You must notify us of your absence in advance in order to be eligible to receive a make-up lesson. Notice of same day or next day absences may be accepted by phone, but absences beyond this (such as Doctor's appointments) require written notice. Due to the limited availability of time for make-up lessons, only absences for illness or other urgent situations are eligible to be made-up. For instance if you decide to go to the beach, take an art lesson, or play baseball instead of coming to swim lessons, you will not be eligible to make-up your missed lesson.
     Inquiries and scheduling of make-up lessons are made in person at the office during our regular teaching hours and not on opening or closing days and not over the telephone. A $6.00 rescheduling/make-up fee for each 15 minutes of make-up time is charged for all make-up lessons whether we filled your absence or not. This payment is non-refundable, and there is no rescheduling of make-uup lessons, so please make sure that you are available for the time you schedule. Make-up lessons must be paid for at the time they are scheduled. A receipt with your payment, make-up date, time, and teacher will be provided. Please keep this in a safe place so that it is available for you to refer back to. Make-up lessons must be taken during the same summer in which the lesson was missed. Only two lessons per set of ten may be made-up.
TRANSFER PRIVILEGE: When you are absent, you may give your lesson to a friend (sibling, relative, neighbor, etc.). This lesson has to be taken during your same date and time and with your same teacher. There is no charge for this. The swim school office is not involved in this arrangement.
EXTENDED ABSENCE: Given advanced notice and verification of an extended absence for health reasons such as chicken pox or a broken arm, students may be removed from the schedule and credit applied to lessons later that summer or the next summer, or transferred to another student for a $10 rescheduling fee.

LATE ARRIVALS: If you arrive at the Swim School after your scheduled time, you have the option of EITHER taking the remainder of your scheduled time OR scheduling and paying for a make-up lesson. If you are present on time and your teacher begins the lesson late, the teacher will take your student for his entire 15 or 30 minutes. The clock at the Swim School will always be set five minutes later than actual time to allow time for parking.
DEPOSITS: A minimum $50 deposit is due at time of booking for each 15 minute set ($100 for each 30 minute set) reserved on the schedule. Generally we honor all bookings, but if necessary, we may cancel bookings without notice when no deposit is received. Deposits are refundable when notice of cancellation is received fourteen or more days prior to the set starting date. Otherwise, we will only refund the deposit or a portion thereof IF we are able to fill that time on the schedule with someone else.
PAYMENTS: The balance of payment is due when the set of lessons begin. Cash and checks only -- sorry no credit cards. Payment is non- refundable; however, lessons and credit are transferable to other students or dates within one year.

RETURNED CHECKS: Returned checks are subject to a $20.00 charge to cover our processing and bank charges.

DIAPERS: Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear reusable swim diapers (tight fitting, lined, nylon brief) or disposable swimpants (like Huggies "Little Swimmers") and not cloth or disposable diapers.
Children are only allowed in the pools when they are directly supervised by Swim School staff. Children
are not allowed to play in the water, dangle their feet or lean over the
pool edge, or sit on the pool stairs before or after their lessons.

WALK SLOWLY (the pool deck is slippery)
NO ANIMALS (LA County Health Code)

ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult
while at the Swim School. THANK YOU for observing our safety rules.
Violators of these rules are subject to removal from our facility.

Only males are allowed in the
dressing room marked ‘‘MEN’’ and only females are allowed in the
dressing room marked ‘‘WOMEN’’. If your child of a gender
different from your own requires assistance with dressing or
toileting then please use the common dressing area and
toilet located by the sinks and baby changing table. All adults
please use gender specific restrooms for changing and toileting.

DIAPERS: Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear reusable swim diapers (tight fitting, lined, nylon brief) or disposable swimpants (like Huggies "Little Swimmers") and not cloth or disposable diapers.
LOST ARTICLES: We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in the seating area or dressing rooms. You may check your valuables at the front desk. We maintain a lost and found in the office. Please check with us if you are missing something. Be careful of jewelry, watches, contacts, and ear plugs in the pools.

Lessons are scheduled in sets of ten. If you want to take multiple sets of lessons continuing at the same time or with the same instructor, then you must arrange this in advance.

SHORT SETS OF LESSONS: AFTER a set of lessons has begun, IF openings remain in that set, then we may offer a reduced number of lessons at a pro-rated price. Check for availability at office.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: We teach in all weather conditions except local lightning. When it is raining at our facility, we offer students under two-years-old the option of taking a free make-up lesson but we cannot guarantee the same time, day, or instructor.

The Swim School closes to observe Memorial Day,
Independence Day, and Labor Day. Please check our brochure for the
exact dates of closures. All sets that contain these dates have
already been extended to account for skipping over these dates.

PARKING: The Swim School was built at a time when there were no parking requirements, and purchasing additional property for this would increase the cost of lessons substantially. Please remember that we are a private school and that we are not subsidized by public money or donations as are the city pools and Y's. The Swim School has one space for customer parking in front of the school, which at times may be reserved for students with disabilities. There is usually ample limited-time street parking available, but watch the signs. On Grismer Avenue there is no parking between 2Pm and 4pm, on the west side on Fridays, and on the east side 10am to 12am on Thursdays. There is no parking in the lot behind the laundry mat on the south-east corner of Peyton and Scott or in the lot on the north-east corner of Grismer and Peyton, or at the gas station.
PRACTICE TIME: Students may practice weekdays at no charge between their scheduled lesson dates. Others pay $2.50 per person. Parents attending to children two and under are admitted free. No flotation devices or toss toys are allowed. Practice time begins at about 1:00 pm when lessons are finished, and ends at 1:55 pm.

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: The number of skills or level of proficiency which a child acquires during a set of lessons depends upon a variety of factors including: age, ability to follow instruction, initial skills, physical ability and stamina, level of comfort in the water, rapport with the instructor, and amount of practice. To maximize achievement, ask his/her instructor what they need to improve (this may be simply supervised play in the water or brief periods of skill practice). If you are unsure about continuing with additional sets of lessons, please check with your instructor.

Bathing caps are not required, but hair should be kept back so that it does not interfere with vision. No metal hair clips or bobby pins are allowed in the pool. Hair bands may be borrowed from the office if necessary.

OUR MAILING LIST: Each year, customers in good standing are sent brochures in early April when we begin booking lessons. If you anticipate an address change, please advise our office staff.

We appreciate your patronage and know that the success of our business depends upon your satisfaction. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or concerns, then please speak with our office staff in a timely manner.