Lucile Cowle Swim School, Burbank CA

We are a summertime only seasonal business. 
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     Thank you for considering taking lessons at Lucile Cowle Swim School. 84% of our business comes from either repeat customers or personal referrals. In case you're among the 16% who have no referral to rely upon, We’ve posted comments from customers below to give you an idea about how others have felt about our school. Beyond these, I would recommend that you review our prices, policies, and schedule. If these are agreeable to you and you are still wondering, then please come in anytime during our open hours and observe lessons. Just walk in, take a seat, and watch. We hope that will be a good match for serving your family this summer and for many summers to come.

     My little guy is 20 months and I was skeptical about what such a little one could learn in swim lessons. I was surprised when his teacher Jessi, taught him to kick and put his face in the water to blow bubbles. My son now understands about the edge of the pool and can climb out of the pool completely by himself. He looks for the steps to get in and out of the pool, which is a big deal. He still has a little way to go, but in 10, 15 min sessions, it is impressive what Jessi accomplished with him. Our little one had a hard time separating with me so Jessi took extra care to make the lessons fun and care for his emotional needs as well. Now my son associates pools with Jessi and when he sees a pool on TV or in pictures he points and enthusiastically calls out Yessi!!! Wawa!! Yessi!!! It is really cute. An added bonus is that across the street from the swim school is a great park that my son loved to play in before or after the swim lessons!
     I'm expecting that next year as my son emotionally matures he will be even more focused on the swim lessons and less focused on separating from me. I know he will be swimming at the age of 2! Christie C.

Great experiences at the Lucile Cowle Swim School
      My one-year-old daughter and two-year-old son have each had two sets of lessons at the Lucile Cowle's swim school. As parents, we had such a great time watching them improve their skills week after week. It's been almost two months since they had their lessons, but I still get asked several times per week when will they get to see their teachers Jessi, Rachel, and Mikey again. Each of these teachers had a positive impact on our kids and we all loved our time with them. They are friendly and make the classes fun for the kids. Michelle G.

Our kids learned how to swim before they were 2 at the Lucile Cowle Swim School
     All of our kids learned to swim at Lucile Cowle Swim School before they were 2. What a blast to have toddlers swimming and diving from diving boards that they were barely able to climb up on! I remembered hearing about Lucile Cowle back in the 70's. Once our kid's were born, starting from their first summers, we took them to Lucile's and practiced at home everyday. They swam at parties, friends homes, hotels, slide rock in Sedona, waterparks in Palm Springs, San Dimas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. We went houseboating on Lake Powel every year. We jet skied in Cabo, swam with the dolphins in Puerta Villarta, sea turtles in Hawaii, snorkeled in Grand Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, and Hawaii, surfed at CA beaches, rafted on the Colorado River. What a blast! We took the kids back to Lucile's year after year till they had finished strokes and fancy dives. Our experiences at Lucile Cowle Swim School enriched our lives. Jay Davis

The lessons here are different - one on one lessons...
     My boys were fortunately gifted swim lessons last summer at Lucile Cowle's Swim School in Burbank.  I was a little skeptical since I had never heard of the swim school before and because the lessons were pretty expensive (although a gift to us).  The lessons here are different - one on one lessons at 15 minute intervals either 2, 3 or 5 days a week depending on your preference. My older son was paired with Paul who was really tuned into the individual needs of my 4 1/2 year old.  My tot was paired up with Lacee who was fantastic as well.  By the end of the summer my kids had progressed beautifully and next summer, gift or no gift, we'd like to send our kids back. Jennifer H.

Great Swim School!  
     My 3 children have learned to swim at Lucile Cowle's Swim School. The teachers are excellent and have varying teaching styles, which are great for all types of kids. My youngest completed his Beginner 3 requirements this past summer. He made incredible progress with his teacher, Jessi. She was great, and he was thrilled.
Sue N.

A great place to learn swimming
     Lucile's has been around forever, at least 32 years. I took lessons there and so did my daughter when she was 8 months old. The instructors are top notch, very knowledgeable, excellent with kids, and very professional. The facility is very clean and there is a warm, family atmosphere. Lots of chair for parents to sit and watch while their kids are taking their lessons. I would personally recommend Lucile's to anyone. They are a bit more expensive than others but well worth the money. PROS: Clean, excellent instructors, friendly, family atmosphere. Patti M.

It was a great experience for my daughter...
     I took my 5 1/2 year old daughter to this swim school for nine 15 minute lessons.  It was a 3 day a week cycle consisting of Mon, Wed, and Friday. The instructor she was assigned was Paul. He did a good job and was great at motivating my child to do better each time. It was a great experience for my daughter to see other children learning
to swim too in the pool. Juan S.

...very approachable and accommodating to the needs of their customers
    Teacher Jessie taught both my 2 1/2 year old daughter and 15 month old daughter for 2 sets of lessons. She was nothing but loving, caring, and very professional in the way she conducted the lessons and her manners towards me as a mother and customer. Both of my daughters LOVE Miss Jessie and continue to speak highly of her even after our lessons have stopped for the summer.... With regards to the Swim School has been a place that has helped not only my children swim, but myself, my brothers, cousins, family friends and friends children swim. The owners are amazing and very approachable and accommodating to the needs of their customers. I DO and will continue to refer and go
to the swim school. Nita N.

My children and grandchildren all learned to swim at Lucile's...
    My children and grandchildren all learned to swim at Lucile's. All had great experiences and loved going to their lessons. Those lessons involved a total of 12 entirely different personalties.Each one got treated with respect, silly when necessary and firm when necessary. We obviously loved it or wouldn't have had 2 generations learning to swim there.
M Christensen

Consistently fine swim program...

  Thank you for the fine swim program you offer each year. We want to extend a special thanks you to Rachel who is an outstanding teacher. She obviously enjoys her students and they have fun, but she also makes them work. Our grand daughter has made real progress these past three weeks and she is sad that the lessons are over. We truly appreciate the affection and attention she has received. Darolyn & Dick C.

They were amazing...

    I never write these things, but my son learned to swim at Lucile Cowle. They were amazing. They have young teachers who are wonderful at making children feel comfortable in the water. They were masters at keeping the lessons light and fun while teaching him all of his strokes. As an educator myself, I found the school to be a model for teaching water safety to young and school age children. Jorddy


All three of my children have learned to swim at Lucile Cowle's Swim School. We have had several teachers, including Jim, Peach, Paul and Jessi. All have been excellent and work well with children. Kids relate differently to teaching styles, and Lucile Cowle has teachers that range from very hand-holding to more firm and earnest. My youngest son achieved his Beginner 3 card this summer with Jessi's guidance. He was thrilled! Matthew

A Great Experience...

    I had a great experience at this swim school.   Paul and Sara were my daughters's instructors and after the 2nd lesson she was already swimming on her own.  I was really surprised, she's 4 1/2.  I was pressed for time bc were leaving on vacation and was hoping she would learn to swim before.   I only had time for 6 lessons total and didn't think that would even be enough, but she's a little swimmer now jumping from the deep end, kicking and swimming on.  :) Gohar A.

A Positive Experience...

    My child is just 4 years old and has learned so much in the few set of lessons at Lucile's. It has been a positive experience, and while I agree that everyone's experiences may be different, I am an extremely happy customer, as our many of my acquaintences/friends.  Lauren B.

This is the place!

    Our children all enjoyed their time at Lucile Cowle swim school. The instructors were attentive and all followed the same form of instruction techniques. The one-on-one instruction was fantastic because they were able to tailor the lesson to my child's specific needs. I have recommended this school to many people! Want your child to swim? This is the place! Momof3

Great for Kids!

    This school is great for kids and does a great job of teaching children how to swim. Make sure, however, to sign your child up as soon as possible because they *always* fill up quickly. Bridiette F.

Can't be beat!

    Lucile Cowle Swim School provided a great experience for all of our children. Through the years, not only did they learn to swim, but they also each became a strong swimmer. In speaking with other customers I heard of people who had swam there as a child and were now bringing their grandchildren! It's nice to see a neighborhood business like that that has been around for so many years and that you can trust. The atmosphere there is very friendly and they have shaded areas for seating. The practice time offered during weekdays was a great bonus as it gave our kids time to practice what they learned and have some fun, in nicely maintained and heated pools! The one-on-one lessons can't be beat... Tigr D.

Two and three generations of swimmers...

    My family has been taking lessons at Lucile Cowle's for two generations now. We have many friends who also come and it is fun to see all of the kids learning to swim. I think the focused "one on one" teaching time that Lucile Cowle's  does is the best way for little ones to learn to respect water and also to learn how to swim for fun and sports as they get older.  It was very important for us as parents to have our children be water safe. We are looking forward to another year as our grand kids now take to the water to learn to be safe and have fun in the water too. Thank you Lucile Cowle's!ucile Cowle Swim School provided a great experience for all of our children. Through the years, not only did they learn to swim, but they also each became a strong swimmer. In speaking with other customers I heard of people who had swam there as a child and were now bringing their grandchildren!  Carol C.